How to link your Facebook account to Instagram.

Facebook and Instagram are most popular and widely used social networking service to share your thoughts and concepts publicaly via posts. users can like, comment, share and follow other users and can post their content.

facebook is the parent company which owns instagram. all the data is linked and shared from on to a different.

you wish to link both of the two accounts then, you have got clicked on the perfect article.

you might get a question why to link my Facebook account to Instagram account? what are it's benefits? here is i will clear out all your doubts and questions, so lets start.

Key Benefits. 

linking your facebook and instagram account provides these key advantages.

Cross posting

crossing posting relationship helps you to post the identical content or message to your multiple connected accounts. it keep your account healthy and active. promoting brands on multiple platforms increases the audience and value.

Increase followers

linking the accounts helps to achieve more followers. it notify all your friends on the facebook when you connect you instagram to facebook. telling them that you just are using the instagram account and thus increases followers.

Access to Business profile

adding links and tagging of your products helps to gain targeted audience which increases your business profile also getting monitize and running ads on the your social platforms to generate passive income.

Analyse performance

easy access to analytics and generating well format reports to research, compare audience, checking performances which helps in building a customer trust and many more thus imroving social image.

Lets begin the real journey of linking facebookaccount to instagram.

How to link facebook to instagram.    

you are having instagram account and facebook account but they have not linked. there is no need to worry i will be able to guiding you throgh simple steps, so lets begin.

from your instagram aaccount:

Step 1: log in to your instagram account and go settings

Step 2: scroll down and tap on accounts center at bottom of the page and then click on set up accounts center

Step 3: select the account which you wish to connect. and click on continue. if you've connected your account before then it might show you the existing accounts.

Step 4: tap on yes, finish setup

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How to unlink facebook from instagram    

if you discover very difficult to create promotions or your facebook ads account is disabled or might you wrongly linked facebook account then you can successfully unlink your facebook account by following this easy steps, so lets start.

Step 1: go to accounts center at the underside of page in the settings. 

Step 2: tap on your name on the highest.

Step 3: click on the connected account and select remove from accounts center.

Step 4: click on continue and then remove.

now you have removed facebook from your instagram account and there is now no link between this two accounts.

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 How to link instagram to facebook page   

To link instagram with facebook page make ensure you has admin access to your facebook profile. these are very easy steps. what you just need is your facebook page otherwise  you can create a new facebook page from facebook.

there are two ways to link your accounts one is from facebook and another from instagram. we will cover both of the ways to avoid any type of confusions.

Method 1

from your facebook account

Step 1: firstly log in to your facebook account.

Step 2: move to menu by clicking three lines on the top right of the page

Step 3: click on pages

there might be multiple pages if u have created more than one pages. click on the page to which you wish to connect your instagram account

Step 4: click on the setting on top right side of of the page

Step 5: click on the instagram

the new page gets receptive hook up with instagram to get more features. what you wish is to.

Step 6: click on connect account

Step 7: grant the accees to instagram account and click on confirm

Step 8: the last step is to enter your instagram username and password, and choose log in.

now your facebook page is linked together with your instagram account. you will be able to share all post from instagram to facebook page.

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Method 2

from your instagram account

Step 1: log in to your instagram account and click on your profile right bottom of the page.

Step 2: on your profile page click on edit profile

Step 3: in profile information click on the page.

Step 4: choose the facebook page or create a new facebook page to connect your account.

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How to unlink instagram from from facebook page

if you wish to add another page or disconnect the exsisting page from your instagram profile. you can well have intercourse just by following the steps below.

Step 1: from the menu of your facebook account click on pages 

Step 2: move to settings and click on instagram

Step 3: scrolling to bottom of the page click on disconnect

you are now disconnected or unlinked along with your facebook and instagram. to feature another page follow the same steps how to link instagram with facebook page and acquire added with new facebbok page.

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How to add instagram link to your facebook bio.   

guys here i goona tell you how to add instagram link to your facebook bio which is hidden in menu. its actually simple and straightforward.

Step 1: go to your mobile facebook app. in the home page tap on your profile picture and you get directed towards your timeline.

Step 2: click on edit profile under your profile and scroll down to bottom of the page.

Step 3: in the bottom u will be able to see links. click on add next to it

Step 4: you will get directed to social links. click on add social link and select the instagram which is present at the top under select a service.

Step 5: enter your instagram id name and click on public to make everyone see your instagram account and access through the given link

you will  be able to see your id name as soon as you make it public.

Step 6: tap on save at top right of the page and here you are finished with all the steps

to check whether your instagram link is added to your facebook profile. go to your timeline and refresh it one. on scrolling down you will see the instagram link with your id name and instagram logo. clicking on the link automatically redirects to your instagram id.

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How to remove instagram link from your facebook bio.    

you may wish to remove the added instagram link or add another social media account's link. to do this you merely have to do some changes. lets see what are the steps to remove instagram link from your facebook bio.

follow the same steps as you have followed how to link instagram to your facebook bio.

Step 1: in edit profile section click on edit at the bottom of page under links

Step 2: tap on remove under the social media and click on save.

now you have successfully removed the instagram link from the facebook. to test it visit to your timeline and refresh it. you won't be able to see the the attached link.

• Can i link multiple instagram accounts to my facebook profile.

yes, you can link multiple instagram accounts to your facebook profile.

• How to automatically post from facebook to instagram?

To auromatically post from facebook to instagram tap on the instagram option in the sharing option box and then publish your post.

• What are the minimum followers need on facebook to make money?

Your facebook business page must have atleast 10,000 fans to get monitize and earn money through facebook.


So guys those were the steps How to link facebook account to instagram and also to facebook page, its benefits and many more. i wish i have covered all your questons and doubts. keep reading our articles to remain yourself updated with more tips and tricks also to explore more on trending.

let us know your suggession and views on this article with in the comment box below and for regular updates follow us on social platforms.


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