Introduction to C Language

If you would like to become a decent computer programmer then it's vital for you to possess knowledge of some artificial languages ​​because without learning any programming language you can not become an honest software engineer.

You can start learning your artificial language with C language because, C language is alleged to be the mother of all other programming languages. after you will learn C programing language well, then you may find it very easy to find out all other programming languages.

Today during this post we'll know Basic Introduction to C language, what's C language?, what's the history of C language, what are its features (Features of C Language), and why is C so important? 

Also, today I'll also tell you ways you'll be able to learn C language in a very very easy way (How to learn C language), so let's know.

What is C Language?

C Language may be a general-purpose programing language that was created by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at AT&T's Bell Telephone Laboratories. Dennis Ritchie wanted to create an OS named Unix operating system, Dennis Ritchie had developed C language to form it.

The special thing is that with the assistance of C language, we are able to do low level programming. because of this feature, C programming language is employed to form system software like – operating system, driver, Compiler etc.

The basic features of all other programming languages ​​are covered in C language (such as Variable, Data Types, Array, String, Function, Structure, Pointer, Loop, etc.), thanks to which C language is termed the mother language of all other programming languages. is |

Once you learn C language, you'll be able to learn all other programming languages ​​very easily.

History of C Language

Before becoming C language, within the year 1966, an individual named Martin Richard created a programing language named BCPL by combining the essential features of all the programming languages ​​of that point in AT&T'S Bell Telephone Laboratories, US, whose full name is – Basic. Combine Programming language.

BCPL wasn't suitable for creating large software yet as coding was drained low level style.

Ken Thompson, who wont to add AT & T'S Bell Telephone Laboratories together with Martin Richard, reformed the BCPL language to make B language in 1969.

Actually Ken Thompson wanted to create an operating system which needed a decent programing language to create which language was B Language. After creating B language, he created Unix operating system.

Dennis Ritchie also wont to add AT & T'S Bell Telephone Laboratories, who created C Language in 1972 and told Ken Thompson “If we make Unix operating system with the assistance of C Language, then we will add more features to that. during which the largest feature was the portable of the software.

Features of C language

✔ C could be a simple and straightforward programing language.

✔ There are commands/instructions like English in C language, which is extremely easy for a programmer to read, understand, code.

✔ C may be a Procedure Oriented programming language.

✔ C is extremely powerful and case sensitive programming language.

✔ C Language is Compiler based, Dynamic programing language.

✔ C language may be a middle level language, thanks to which both low level and high level programming is done.

✔ C language is that the most typically used programing language in operating system and embedded system development.

✔ C language is extremely portable and powerful artificial language.

✔ C language could be a Syntax Based Language.

✔ C may be a general purpose programing language that covers the fundamental features of all other languages.

Here I've got told the features of C language, but maybe a number of you have got not understood about some things like – what's Case Sensitive artificial language, what's Syntax Based Language etc. Read this to grasp better Features of C Language during this I've got understood all the features of C language alright.

Why C language is important

If you're a collage student then you need to learn C language because C language proves to be very helpful in your campus requirement process.

Also, if you have got not learned any programing language yet, then you'll start with C language because C language covers the essential features of all other languages, so you'll be able to learn any programing language very easily. |

If C language is your first programing language, then believe that you simply will understand programming alright because C language proves to be very helpful in building our programming skills likewise as C language teaches us to grasp logic.

C language is incredibly old and popular programming language. C language has been making its place within the hearts of programmers for the last 50 years, the explanation for this is often that C language is extremely fast, programming up to the machine level may be done very easily.

Applications of C Language

If you're learning a programing language and you are doing not know what you'll make by learning that language, then you'll not be able to do anything by learning that language, so you ought to know what you'll be able to handle learning that language. What are you visiting do, so let's know what you'll be able to make with C language.

✔ You can make a decent software from C language like- Window, Linux, Mac because the most important a part of this OS is written in C language.

✔ With C language, you'll be able to make a compiler that converts artificial language into machine language.

✔ With this you'll make Text Editor.

✔ Can create utility software.

Best C Programming Books

If you wish to require a book for C language then you'll be able to take Yashavant Kanetkar's book allow us to C as an alternative S.K. you'll be able to take Srivastava's Book C exhaustive, both these books are excellent.

Can I learn c language in 1 month?

Yes, of course, you'll be able to learn C language very easily during a month, during this one month you clear the fundamentals of C language, then you'll opt for Advance.


Friends, I hope that you simply have gotten all the data associated with Introduction to C language        ( what is C language? ) and Features of C language during this post of ours and you'll find some other place about it. 

I have tried to offer you all the knowledge associated with C artificial language during this one post.

If you wish an entire tutorial of C language, then see my C Language Tutorial series, here you'll get all the topics of C programing language step by step.

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