How to Download Code Blocks?

Today during this post we are going to know What is Code Blocks and how to Download Code Blocks? 

Before downloading Code Blocks, you want to know that why use a compiler like Code Blocks. So let's fathom this.

When we write a program employing a linguistic communication, then to make that program understandable by the machine, it's to be converted into binary language (0 and 1 ), because the pc can only understand the machine language (language of 0 and 1 ). I understand.

In such a situation, the code we have got written will must be converted into binary language or machine language. Compilers like Code Blocks are used only to convert the code into binary language or machine language.

What is Code Blocks?

Code Blocks could also be a compiler that converts the code or programs written in an exceedingly very artificial language into a binary language (0 and 1) that the machine can understand, so as that the machine can easily understand the programs or code written by us.

Different compilers are present within the market per different operating systems. If we might prefer to create our programs understandable for Mac software package, then a definite compiler is used for that and a special compiler is used for Window OS and Linux software package.

Code blocks are mostly accustomed compile programs written in C / C++ language. allow us to now know that how to Code Blocks?

How to download Code Blocks?

Step 1. First of all you have to visit this website –

Step 2. After visiting that website, you will see two options first "Download the binary release" and second "Download the source code"

Step 3. click on “Download the binary release”.

Step 4. Download Code Block Compiler to keep together with your software system (Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.x / 10).

As I've got windows 10 then ready to I'll be able to download – codeblocks-20.03mingw-setup.exe. By clicking on

Method 2:

 If you'd like, you will be able to also download Code Blocks Compiler directly from

After coming here you are doing not should do much, just click on the download option and you have need to download Code Blocks directly.


Friends, I hope that you have got How to download Code Blocks and wish you just simply have now installed the code block. If you face any problem related to downloading the code block, then tell me within the comment below, ready to I'll be able to definitely solve your problem.

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