How to set Airtel Caller tune

 Got bored with the ring ring tune? want to set a music as your default caller tune? if you a an airtel user then you've got the privilege to set airtel caller tune for your calls. this is often how I am tell How to set airtel caller tune for free.

Other telecom providers charges you for caller tune but the providers such as jio and airtel give this features to their users for free without any charges. this caller tune feature is applicable for both postpaid and prepaid users.

How to set Airtel Caller tune

Airtel users can set their caller tune through Wynk music app which is present on both Google play store and Apple store. here you'll get thousands of songs which you can listen it free, download them, and set any song as caller tune.

Note: You need to renew your caller tune after every 30 days through Wynk music app.

Step 1: go to google play store or apple store and hunt for Wynk music app within the search bar.

Step 2: Wynk music app get appear on the screen with install button under it. click on install

Step 3: open the wynk music app

Step 4: tap on hello tunes icon at the underside of the page.

Step 5: Look for your favorite song which you would like to set as caller tune in the search bar.

Step 6: The song get appear on the page with set hello tune bottom. tap on set hello tune button. before activating your hello tune listen the song how it get played while calling.

Step 7: your caller tune get activated

Step 8: you'll receive a message on your registered message about activation and validity of hello tune. you'll be able to also share this hello tune together with your friends through this message.

These were the simple and easy steps within which I told you How to set hello tune in airtel. if you think you have got bored with the songs which you have already activated and wanted to Deactivate the hello tune in Airtel then follow the below steps.

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How to Deactivate Airtel Caller tune

Step 1: Go to the Wynk music app on your smartphone.

Step 2: tap on hello tune icon in spite of appearance of the page.

Step 3: your current activated hello tune get appear at the bottom of the page with remove current hello tune option.

Step 4: you will get a popup to remove current hello tune as shown below. 

This removal action will reflect on your calls in the next 10 minutes of the action.

Step 5: click on yes

Step 6: you will receive a message for the removal of the hello tune on your registered number.

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How to change Caller tune in Airtel?

Tap on Hello tune icon > choose the song which you wish to set as caller tune > tap on activate for free 

How to set Airtel Caller tune using Toll free number?

To set Airtel caller tune using Toll free number dial *678# and make a appeal this number, the sink menu get appear, select the one which you would like to set airtel caller tune and confirm the hello tune.

How to set Caller tune in Airtel by SMS?

Dial 543215 and send the SMS. select hello tune from the list and confirm the caller tune activation

How to copy Caller tune in Airtel?

Make a call to airtel user to which to need to copy caller tune and press *9 this will copy the caller tune.


Hope you've learned How to Set airtel Caller tune, How to Deactivate airtel caller tune and plenty other things from this text. if you have got any problem associated with this topic then text them within the comments so that i can clarify your doubts and do share this trick along with your friends.

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