How to Increase Jio Speed?

Is your Jio internet speed dropping? are you not getting enough net speed as per your data plan? if you are facing these issues, don't worry, here I am going to tell you How to increase jio speed with best APN setting and also how to increase jiofi speed. this settings are 100% working and proved and definitely provide you the maximum internet speed.

This amazing settings is definitely going to give you higher speed than ever. you might have faced high ping problems and internet lag while playing online games like Pubg and FreeFire, while Calling, Surfing Social media, internet browsing, buffering in online movies and much more. this trick is totally going to flush it out all the internet data speed problems. I will be sharing you the screenshots, 100% working trick, so that you can increase jio net speed. lets jump into how to increase jio speed.

How to Check internet speed?

firstly you need to check you maximum internet speed connection available in you local area because the net speed varies across areas. some may be provided with the higher speed above 150 Mbps and some with below 10Mbps. so follow below steps to check maximum available internet speed in your area.

Step 1: go to google play store and search for speed by Ookla in the search bar

Step 2: click on install. once the installation get completed tap on open

Step 3: click on go 

the speedometer checks you internet speed and provide you with the upload and download speed, ping, Jitter and data loss. note down your current net speed just to compare the speed after all the setting is done.

How to increase Jio speed?

Method 1: APN Settings

Step 1: On your smartphone go to settings

Step 2: tap on SIM cards & mobile networks

Step 3: select the jio sim

Step 4: click on Access point names or simply APN

Step 5: tap on reset button which may be present at right side on in some phones at the bottom

Step 6: fill all the information given below. if some settings already exists on your smartphone then don't change it.

NAME: Jio Supreme 4G

APN: Jionet

PROXY: Not Set

PORT: Not Set

USERNAME: SpeedBot.supreme4G



MMSC: Not Set



MCC: No Change

MNC: No Change


APN TYPE: No Change






Beware of UPPERCASE and lowercase. fill as it is

once the settings get done you network may disconnect for a seconds but don't worry. it will regain within a 2 seconds.

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After: Internet Speed test

Go to Ookla app on your smartphone and check the internet speed after you have followed all the steps perfectly.

you can see that before the APN settings my jio internet speed was around 0.35Mbps and now its has been crossed 2.45Mbps.

Got surprised after the speed test? answer might be definitely YES. because this is 100% proved and working trick. you have just made some changes in the settings which you can reset it anytime which is fully safe. if you have tried it and got the great results then let me know in the comments.


Struggling with third party apps and VPN to increase jio speed? you can try the next method presents by if you are unable to cope up with the previous setting then go for the BAND COVERAGE method. you can now increase your net speed with band coverage for which you don't have to install third party app so, lets jump over this amazing trick.

before this you need to know basics about Antenna Bands.

jio works on three network bands Band 3, Band 5, and Band 40 providing different speeds and covering area. I will may you to get more simpler you might know 2.4GHZ covers a long distance but provides slower data transmission on the other hand 5GHZ covers a short distance but provides fater data transmission compared to 5GHZ.

Similarly band 3, band 5 and band 40 works. Band 3 provides bandwidth of 5MHz, band 5 provides bandwidth with 5Mhz and band 50 covering short ranges with bandwidth 20 MHz greater compared to band 3 and band 5.

follow these steps:

Step 1: firstly dial *#*#4636#*#* on dial pad

Step 2: click on device information or mobile information

Step 3: in Set preferred network type select LTE Only.

that is all you have completed all the steps

after completion of all the steps check you internet speed. I guarantee you definitely this trick might have worked on your smartphone and you will be enjoying jio's higher speed. if you face any issue with this setup let me know within comments below.

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Method 3: Media Chipset Processor

one more new method to increase jio net speed. if you are unable to do the above setting to can probably tryout this method by installing MTK Engineering App on your smartphone. so lets get started with these easy and simple steps.

Step 1: go to google play store and search for MTK Engineering App within the search bar.

Step 2: tap on install. once the installation get finished tap on open.

Step 3: go to settings in MTK Engineering app

Step 4: click on band mode option

Step 5: select the jio sim slot

Step 6: select the LTE mode and save the changes.

after completion of the steps make a speed test. surely your internet speed might have got increased. this is how is told you How to increase Jio net speed by Media Chipset Processor.

Method 4: Clearing Cache

Caches are used by most of the websites and Apps to reduce the loading speed or in cases to collect the data. these get stored in the RAM Random Access Memory, using our internet speed thus slower downing the internet speed. clearing caches might definitely works and boost you jio net speed.

follow the steps to increase jio net seed by clearing cache

Step 1: first of all go to mobile settings

Step 2: search for storage or scroll down and tap on storage

Step 3: click on cached data

Step 4: clear all the cached data by confirming OK

simply follow the above simple steps and clear all the data stored in your smartphone. this method was all about how to increase jio speed. any one of the above method is definitely can be used to boost jio speed.

How to increase Jiofi Speed?

if you are using jiofi and facing internet speed or not getting enough speed according to your jio data plan then this article is completely for you. at the end you will be successfully getting higher net speed compared to before. 

getting to the basics the antenna bands present in your phone and jiofi are totally different. if you compare your mobile antenna bands with jiofi antenna bands they are bigger than jiofi bands. this is the reason why mobile phones are able to capture more data as compared to jiofi. as told earlier jio works on 3 network bands. band 3, band 5 and band 4o with different ranger and data transmission speed. you can read it once as I have provided this basis knowledge above.

to solve this internet speed issue firstly lock your jiofi band on 40

Step 1: go to google chrome

Step 2: search for https:// jiofi.local.html

Step 3: login with default username and password as username administrator and password administrator.

Step 4: in settings. Default APN(Default PDN Connection) select manual.

Step 5: in IPv4/IPv6 mode select IPv4

Step 6: click on apply.

finally you have done with all the steps. refreshing the page you will see that the band 40 got locked. in the speed test you can see the results.

you can see that the speed has definitely increased so far. do make this changes in the setting of you jiofi to enjoy higher speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Changing APN setting really increases internet speed?

yes, making changes in the APN setting do 100% works. you need to just make some changes which is safe and you can enjoy high jio speed.

Best app to increase Internet Speed?

Speed Booster

Net Optimizer

Connectiion Stabilizer Booster


Network Signal Speed Booster

Best VPN for Jio to increase Speed?




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This post was all about How to increase Jio Speed, How to increase internet speed in Jio, How to increase Jio net speed, How to increase Jiofi speed etc. hope you enjoyed this text and definitely tried this all simple tricks. if you get stuck in any of the methods or steps let me know within the comments below, so that i can clear your all issues.

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