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Hello guys welcome to today I will be discussing detailed on Surfshark the Best free VPN Chrome and detail review which is my favorite VPN. this review article will be based on my experience and use. so without delay lets jump over surfshark review.

Surfshark review

Surfshark is one in every of the foremost expensive VPN. there are many VPN providers serving web traffic end to end encrypted but the features provided by the corporate are rarely found on other VPNs. this review is carried out after all the experiments and are well verified by me. all the foremost features will be discussed such as speed testing, performance, pricing, servers and other extra features that are rarely found in other VPNs which makes Surfshark different from others.

Key Features


Surfshark is having 32,000+ servers spread all over 65 countries. they have tried to cover the majority of the countries often ignored by other VPN providers. they even have virtual servers setup across. approaching on Indian servers there are 3 servers associated in India. you can't find static IP in India but moving on foreign countries you can definitely find it. it's feeded upon third party data servers for its server infrastructure. 


Lets speak about its speed. most of the VPN generally reduces down your upload and download speed. the speed given is actually good with just 8-10% drop by speed when I connected to Indian servers. on connecting to USA the was not major drop. what I found is some drop in both upload speed and download seed, but upload speed is much faster than download speed. the speed is unquestionably improved by the company as compared to last year. I can say that surfsharf has passed in speed and its overall speed is extremely good compatible to any or all the devices.

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for security protocol surfshark has IKEv2 Open VPN Wiregurd which is default for Mac but absent in Linux. it uses OpenVPN Protocol for android, windows, iOS and Linux which is open source and is much faster than other protocols.

Surfshark has Shadowsocks. you may get a question What is Shadowsocks? so let me get you clear. Shadowsocks is free and Open Source encryption protocol which creates an encrypted connection between Shadowsocks client and one who is using your proxy server. it is mostly used in china. if you reside in highly censored country such as china then you can definitely use it.

for security there is two factor authentication provided and there is not IP leak for DNS.


Talking about the streaming. in this VPN i was able to stream Netflix US with none lag or delay but only problem i faced with it while streaming Amazon Prime and Hotstar. I found that it was not streaming good, delay and also buffering. you might now face this problem if you are living out of India.


Surfshark is predicated on British Virgin Islands and is additionally out of 14 eyes. what it mean is the company is independent and government will not be able to force them to keep logs and IPs. the company don't keep any logs records for your IPs, browsing data, bandwidth used by the user etc.

from last year RAM only servers is introduced by the company. during this all the info associated with your searches, history and other data is stored in RAM which is a volatile memory. after your server gets restart whatever you have searched get automatically deleted from server. this is also know as Diskless Server because no data of your is get saved by the corporate.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of the company is clean and uncomplicated. they are straight forward clear for all the information they collect, third party audit, commission, ads etc. within the privacy and policy document they  have clearly mentioned that they collect data related to billing, account information, email address etc.

if you don't want to relinquish this details to the company there is the option for cryptocurrency which you can use. in the privacy document the company had told that they doesn't keep logs, browsing history, data, bandwidth used and other related data which other VPN companies do collect.  the company uses Google Analytics because it is employed by other VPN companies to analyze they website.

 Clean web

Surfshark provides the great experience of Clean Web. other VPN companies relevantly show ads and spoil the user experience and consumes time on skipping the ads. the clean web function is essentially accustomed to block ads. on turning on this feature you won't find any ads, all the date get presented in a systematics manner without spoiling the user experience which is my favorite.

Multi HOP Functionality

Another awesome feature provided by Surfshark is Multi HOP Functionality. it means on the connecting to any foreign server your connection will get bounce aloof from the two different locations.

i will explain you with an example if you wish to connect your server to India then firstly the connection will get bounce from Singapore them from Singapore it get bounced to India. you may think why it is so complex why doesn't it directly setup the connect from from server to another. the solution for this question is it provides extra level security but mean while it lower down your seed.

GPS Override

You can you GPS Override in surfshark. this is only available for android. it changes the IP address as well as the GPS location. as example if you have selected India then your GPS location will be selected from India rather than your current exact location.

User Interface

Talking about the user interface. its program is basically awesome with no major problem. its quite easy to use and understand. when it comes for the update it shows the pop up for updates and is automatically updated. you'll be able to connect with whichever server you wish within the world within one click without any problem. i haven't face any problem associated with interface thus far but one main problem is its official app is not present on Google Play Store. you need to download the APK files from its website.


Coming on its pricing. it is expensive as compared to other VPNs. its monthly subscription pack is for $12.95 which i think is higher than others. it provides its 6 months subscription at $38.94 and for 2 years the pricing is $59.76. you can also find some addons like Surfshark Search and Surshark Alert while buying the subscription. 

Surfshark Search is employed to go looking securely without being get traced through your IP or GPS location. the next addon is Surfshark Alert which basically monitors your credit card and email ids and informs about the breaches or information leaked.

the pricing is offer is really it worth it because the service given is also top service. you can use one account in multiple devices. if you go for long term subscriptions definitely you will save your lots of money. but recommendation is before going for long term subscription one must get tested with short term subscription such as 7 days or 1 months. if you love the service then go for longer plan.


Fast Speed

Multiple Devices Access

Good customer Support

No Logs

Static Servers

Split Tunneling Tools

Clean Web



High Price

No App on Play Store

How to set up Surfshark VPN on Windows

Here I will be guiding you to How to set up Surfshark VPN on Windows. follow this easy and simple steps and get set up with the Surfshark on your Windows PC.

Step 1: On your Google Chrome type in search bar and press enter.

The official page of Surfshark get opened to Download VPN for Windows

Step 2: Click on Download VPN on PC 

Step 3: After downloading the file. Open the installer file.

Step 4: Your computer asks for the permission to make changes to your device. click on yes to Allow the file to make changes

The installation process get started and once the installation get completed the app get automatically launched

Step 5: Click on create account if you are new user and get started with 7 days free trial or click login if you are an existing user and get logged in with your email id and password.

Step 6: Click and login and finally Welcome to Surfshark Windows app.

Now you will be able to access all the features, connect to any server which you wish and enjoy your favorites.

How to set up Surfshark VPN on Android

Here I will be guiding you to How to Set up Surfshark VPN on Android. follow this easy and simple steps and get set up with Surfshark on your Android device.

Step 1: Go to Google play store on your android phone and type Surfshark in search bar.

Step 2: choose the first result from the list of all and tap on install button.

once the installation get completed tap on open and the login page get appears.

Step 3: click on try Surfshark for free 7 days or register yourself if you are new user otherwise you can click login if you are an existing user.

Step 4: enter your email id and password and tap on login

finally welcome to Surfshark Android app and you will be able to unlock all the features and connect to any nearby fasted server.

Should i Buy Surfshark VPN

if you are looking for a budget VPN with the facilities such as fast speed, secure browsing, streaming, RAM severs, good privacy and no log policy then surfshark might be the best option for you.

Does Surfshark works in China?

Yes, Surfshark works in China, its security factors makes it to work in China.

Hope you have enjoyed Surfshark- Best free VPN Chrome. how to download surfshark on windows and android and it detailed review. if you have doubt related to this topic let me know in the comments below.

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