Android security tips 2021 | How to secure your phone from hackers

The phone is an inseparable part of our life. It is a digital book of our life with most details unlike anything before. Access to your phone is access to your mind your phone isn't just a gadget your phone is you and you are cyber.

Smartphones have advanced to the purpose where we do not use them just for calling and texting. Web surfing, shipping, and banking are just some of the various things.

we use these devices to simplify our busy lives. However, this also means our smartphones are stiffed with personal information.

This is especially important for all my smartphone users to stay their smartphones safe and secure.

Here I will be able to tell you Android security tips. This is all about making your smartphone secure from hackers so do read this text till the end.

    Third-Party Apps


    Technology keeps changing and it makes our phones susceptible to various attacks.

    The most common divisor by which your phone becomes vulnerable and you would possibly face data loss is the reason "third-party app downloads"

    You have to avoid downloading any third-party applications. Always install apps from Google Play Store or any other trusted sources.

    Do not download any APK on your smartphone because it may contain malware or trojan inside it which may lead to serious data loss

    You can simply avoid this just by disabling the unknown sources app install option. We usually enable this feature for unknown sources and forget to show them off.

    Only turn it on if you actually need any app on your phone that won't be available on the Google Play Store.

    The apps on the google play store are fully scanned, and do not contain any type of malware or trojans, and the data used here is also not shared publicly.



    We usually give permissions to many apps such as calling or storage although it has no link with all these permissions.

    Many of you have thought do these apps save our personal data in their server when we allow all the permissions?

    For example: if you have downloaded a game and it asked you for camera and location permission then guarantee there is something fishy.

    Sharing and storing personal data depends on the app's privacy policy and its terms and conditions, do the app share your personal data and the motive behind the sharing of data, etc.

    Many apps don't run on your smartphone until all the permissions are given to it, so avoid giving all the permissions to these unknown apps or uninstall them

    If you are using android 12 or above then you can check all the permissions that an app is usurping your smartphone.

    So please don't give all the permissions to such apps or find another for that app.

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    Always keep your iOS or android keep up to date and also apps on your smartphone.

    Basically, these are bug fixes and patches which means if your phone is running on an older version or is not updated then they have opened the doors for hackers.

    These updates fix all the bugs and patches in your phone which is why it is very important to keep your phone up to date.

    You can basically check whether your smartphone is up to date or not in the setting> software updates in your phone.


    credit: online tech tips

    Nowadays you've got numerous different accounts across various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. 

    So always try to keep different passwords for all of your different accounts.

    I know, this sometimes becomes difficult to manage all of your passwords but always use a password manager app to manage your different passwords.

    Here is some password manger was given below.

    1. 1password

    2. Bitwarden

    3. Dashlane

    4. KeePassXC

    5. NordPass

    Suppose one of your accounts gets hacked and that password is linked to any of or all other accounts then your all accounts can be easily hacked.

    so always use two-factor authentication turned on it will further improve your security.



    Take your device backup from time to time of all of your photos, files, messages, etc. on google drive with unlimited storage.

    Constantly stick with regular backups. I recommend taking a backup every 15 days.

    If your phone gets stolen or is misplaced then all of your phones are going to be lost. just imagine it all the important data is in your phone and it has been lost.

    Active find my device is the google app because if in any case your phone gets lost and you have a backup of all the data then you can transfer all the data from the older smartphone to the newer one. 

    also, you will be able to remotely delete all the data from your existing phone. the private and sensitive data didn't get into the wrong hands.

    Backup is very important to keep your smartphone secure so take backup and activate find my device and take care of your phone.

    Public charging


    We charge phones a lot in public places, not nowadays because of corona from last year but we usually charge our mobiles or laptops.

    If you charge at airports, bus stations, railways, or any other public stations then please avoid this.

    There are strong chances of phishing attacks on your smartphone.

    Phishing is a social engineering attack used to steal data like your login credentials, bank details, passwords, etc.

    In fact, the adaptors you see at the general public charging stations have some chip inside that may extract all data from your mobile. 

    Carry your own power bank with you to charge your gadgets and avoid public charging.

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    One more thing that's important we usually use pins, passwords,s or patterns to lock our phones.

    more than 95% of people don't use a passcode or passphrase which is the safest of all other passwords.

    Patterns and pins are easy to hack, even the 4-digit pin can be easily hacked within minutes so it often safe to use passphrases.

    Passphrase is a mixture of diverse numbers, letters, and special characters which protects private key files

    You can even encrypt your hard disk, USB stick, or any document on your computer or smartphone which makes it difficult to deceive normal persons.

    Incognito mode


    This is a vital tip that you must detain in mind. we regularly browse in incognito mode thinking it's safe. 

    Actually, it's not safe. your ISP has all the data about your browsing. it keeps records of all the searches, history, sites visited, etc.

    If you would like to browse something private use the TOR browser because it's quite a VPN otherwise you can use any other VPN.

    VPN ( Virtual Private Network) allows you to browse anything, even if you can access restricted sites or banned sites in your country.

    Here I recommend you to use VeePN VPN the best chrome extension for your windows or MacBook

    ad personalization.


    Many of us are unaware of ads on our mobile phones. these are personalized ads making our mood off while using our phone, isn't it?

    We do get different ads and personalized ads on our smartphones. Which spoils our experience.

    You can disable this setting off in Google settings. This will put off the ads that you simply get supported your interest, so put them off.

    Suppose to wish to buy a laptop then immediately you get personalized ads from google to buy laptops with different companies.

    if you don't need this level of personalized ads then disable it from the settings.

    You can follow these steps to disable ads personalization go to ads settings> click on ads personalization on google search> tap on turn off

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which VPN is best for browsing?

    Express VPN might be the best option because it is highly safe and secure and also awarded for best editor's choice.

    How do I create a strong password?

    visit and get generated with a strong password which is a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and alphabets.


    these are some of the android security tips 2021 which you must follow to keep your android phone secure from hackers

    As this technology is evolving Hackers have got various ways and mediums to hack our smartphones. 

    Keeping our smartphones safe in our hands is extremely important, so do remember to share this article and your experiences in the comments below.

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