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Now you can earn lakhs and crores, just by sitting at your home and selling old rare note currency and coins online in India. if you're owner of old coins such as Rs1, Rs2, Rs5 etc. which are minted before the year 2000 then there's a giant jackpot for you. 

1Rupee coin minted in 1885 during British rule was auctioned for 10 crore. I'll be telling here How to sell old currency notes and coin online, conditions for selling and steps to sell old coins on OLX.

Why Old coins are in Demand?

This is often a general question to which there is no any perfect answer. Preservation, Structure, minted period, age etc. are most significant when considering this question. many are under the false apprehension that simply because a coin is most rare it therefore must be valuable.

there any many species which fall under the category of antiques after a certain period of time and currency notes and coins are among them.

Reckoning on their minted structure, shape, what number were minted, where they were minted, condition etc. is adding more more value day by day in international market. this species also play a vital role in History and museums.

There are far too many of us whom place more emphasis on “intrinsic value” than is correctly placed on Historical importance which is of way more value to the Numismatic Scholar.

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Key highlights

Old currency notes and coins have lot of demands in national and international markets. before a week 1Rupee coin was auctioned for around 10 crore. this rare piece was minted in year 1885 during the British rule in India. isn't it surprise you!

Coins minted before 2000 or before pre independence can even offer you a giant jackpot. recently 2Rupee coin was sold in 5 lakhs on the platform of Quikr and plenty of buyers are indulged in paying even more than this.

Similarly if you're owner of 10Rupees note with Ashoka pillar on one side and a boat on the opposite of the side can even fetch you over thousands. 

Old notes of 786 series are considered lucky by the Muslims and they are willing to pay lakhs on this printed notes. if you a owners of 786 series then it's chance to induce up to three lakhs per note.

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Old coin buyers in India

There are hundreds of online platform where you can sell your old coins and notes at prices decided by you, what you all need is to register yourself on this advertising online platform, provide details and put it in auctions. here are top buyers for old coins.


Old coins Auction houses in india.

Steps to sell old coins in India on OLX

>Go to official OLX website.

>Click on Use current location.

>OLX home page gets appear.
>Click on sell on bottom of the page.

>Register your self through
Google, Phone or Facebook.
>Pop up gets open with categories.
>Select your product category

>Give your ad title.
>Give description on the currency.

>Set a price
>Upload up to 12 photos

>Confirm your Location.
>Review your Details.
>Click on Post now.

>OTP gets ship on your registered phone number
>Enter the OTP
>click on Conform.

 Is it a right time to sell old coins now?

 if you a desire a fast cash then its right to sell, the prices of antique coins and cureency notes is touching peaks.

Which advertising platform is best for selling old coins?    

OLX might be the best advertising platform for selling old coins.

Why coins are getting higher auction than notes?

The history of coins in longer than notes i.e 1500 to 2000 years from now.



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