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# What is Computer Programming?

        With In the world of internet every one is dependent on computer, mobile, phones, laptop and other computing devices. Almost In every field Computers are being used such as medical, schools, banking, market, entertainment, agriculture, household, communication, transportation etc.

Q) Have you ever wondered how this all devices works? 

Q)How they performs the precise tasks allotted to them?

this is here i will be able to filter all the questions.

imagine a situation ,where you are new to city and your parent or any of your friend has send you to plug to bring essentials. you do not know to situation, road ways or any direction where to travel

If your friend is instructing you on phone , where to travel , Where to turn? and lots of other signs that may take you to the market.

In the same way computer or other computing devices which are programmed works. Computers on themselves are the dump machine with no use ,unless to assigned to try and do any specific task.

Programmers are the persons well during this field who gives instructions to the pc what to try to and the way to try and do during a language.

Programmers gives to instructions or the commands in computer languages .the foremost  famous computer languages are java, python, C,C++,R etc.

in a very simple language creating by mental acts is known as coding. its process  of designing, creating and building programs to perform a selected function or task.

Programs are the set of instructions or inputs given during a language to a computer to come up with  a desired outcomes.

The ASCII text file also know as Source code of a program is written by the programmer in one or more languages that are intelligible to programmers instead of computer code which is directly processed and executed by the CPU referred to as  Central Processing Unit.

# You me get an issue  that what's a ASCII text file is? 

ASCII text file  is nothing but a bunch  or collection of code. it's going to be written in comments or without comments, with human readable programming language  usually plane text.

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# Let's return into history:

the primary trojan horse was dated on 1843 when mathematician Ada Lovelace published an algorithm to calculate a sequence of Bernoulli numbers intended to be applied  by Charles Babbage's analytical engine.

Types of computer languages?

There are mainly 2 varieties of computer programming languages as.

1) Low level language.

2) High level language.

Low level language:-

In low level language instructions are given in binary form . The binary digits are (0 and 1). This language is incredibly near machine language.

High level Language:-

The High level language is extremely near human language. Similar as west Germanic language as we speak. Basically high level language has its own grammar and rules to follow and these are to be translated in machine language before running.

Computer Programming Languages

There are bundles of languages utilized by the programmers to speak with computer.

Top famous and relevant Programming Language:-

1. Python

2. Java.

3. HTML.

4. C++

5. C.

6. Ruby.

7. Java Script

8. SQL.

9. Swift.

10. PHP.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) With which pc language should I start ?

=> Python may be the simplest option to start with.

2) What's the simplest  age for learning coding?

=> Child with an age 6 or above it can start learning.

3) How long it would desire  learn programming?

=> the training   time depends from person to person, and the way sincerely you learn it. Mainly it takes 6 to 12 months to find out .

4) How I can learn programming?

=> you will be able to be a self build programmer as gaining the knowledge from the net, practicing the codes by your own, just don't learn programming for the educational sake try and play with codes, learn from online resources also you will join the course for it.

5) Which is the best platform to find out coding?

=> in the step with me and my knowledge the most effective  platforms to be told coding are.

1. WhiteHat jr.

2. Code School

3. Code Academy

4. Code Wars

5. Khan Academy


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