10 simple ways to keep your smartphone healthy | Extend the life span of your smartphone

Here I will be able to provide you The 10 simple ways to keep your smartphone healthy and live longer. 

 keep your phone up to date : Software update and apps update.

Software updates and apps update keeps your device this far and to the latest version. Companies gives the updates every now and then in order to keep your phone up to date. you must update your phone as they get released.

Whether iOS or android often most of the updates are associated with system security, fixing bugs, themes, launcher etc. which over all increases performance so as to run your phone smoothly. updates fixes crashes and bugs which are reported by the users to boost over all performance. So as to test whether your smartphone is up to date

 In Android operating system head to settings app>system update.

For iOS operating system attend setting app> general>software update. here it shows all the updates associated to your software system. 

For Apps update head to google play store> my apps and games>updates. 

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 Freeing up the space by deleting unwanted apps and data.

You can increase the speed and also storage of your phone by uninstalling  the unwanted apps and deleting the unneeded data.

 often we install apps which are needed to us but after completion of task we didn't bother about them. unnecessarily those app uses our phone's  battery, storage and other data to which we've given the permissions.

 there are many apps which are pre-installed on our android or iOS which are of no use, irrationally filling up your storage as they are preloaded which cant be deleted so try to disable them from the setting.

If you have got uninstalled the unused apps and still facing the shortage of storage then attempt to delete the data Which is not any more employed by you such as images, videos, APK files, documents etc. 

we mainly uses the social media apps like WhatsApp and Telegram which automatically downloads the send data on group and store it our file manager, which is of no use to us, so try to delete them occasionally otherwise you can change the setting of auto downloads which no more auto downloads the data as we open it.

 Restart your phone. 

Your phone must be restarted a minimum of one during a week. restarting your phones fixes all the glitches, prevents crashes, making it more faster and smoother to run giving a fresh feeling to figure with.

it clears the open apps, memory leaks and ensures draining of battery of all those apps employed by you. according to Josh Davis of Abt Electronics you ought to let the the battery drain all the way down to 0% and so refill it up to 100%, so to stay your phone healthy you need to restart a minimum of per week.

 Keep your phone away from heat and moisture.

Avoid keeping your smartphone in direct sunlight and warmth which not only damages its looks but also damages your phones battery. 

over using of your smartphones emits heats which is extremely dangerous to both your health and mobile phone. never let your phone to heat up and avoid playing heavy games which doesn't support your device leading to increase in heat. try to keep it in normal conditions.

To make your phone live longer avoid carrying them in bathrooms and using them with wet hands. if just in case water enters into your smartphone it can cause damage to your phone.

nowadays most of the smartphones are designed to resist water. if just in case your phone get wet in rain it doesn't affect functioning of your phone. avoid your phone from moisture and take a look at to stay it in normal conditions.

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 Avoid over charging. 

we develop a mindset of keeping our smartphone always fully charge (above 60 -70%) and never let it to travel below this boundary percent.

to confirm this we often charge our smartphones more then twice or trice on a daily basis and never cuts until the display show 100%. we actually over charge our phones multiple times which ruins our phones battery and makes it less efficient in storing power that is why our phones power drains quickly.

we must not put our smartphone to other's charger and let others to try to do same. it decreases the speed of charging and might damage your charger. the foremost important thing to follow is never use, play games or appeal phone while phone is on charging it might cause damage.

 Protect your phone by Screen guard and Case

To keep your smartphone well protected and safe you must get a screen guard. it protects your phones screen from damage such as scratches or cracks which offers maximum protection.

to keep your phone away from dust and dirt and to stay it more protected buy a case for your android or iOS phone which perfectly fits your phone. case should be well gripped to confirm your phone slipping from the hands. 

nowadays many smartphone companies are offering case with mobile box with their branding. you can also buy the case from the market. there are many alternative kinds of case available which offers protection to your smartphone also makes your phone look beautiful and attractive.

Clearing the Cookies and Cache

Clearing cookies and cache is most significant step to say your smartphone in well condition. these are the tools which are employed by internet browsers to hurry up the loading of web pages.

Cookies are automatically downloaded in our phones as to reduce the time of loading of web content and increase our phone's storage. cookies saves your data which you have used on browser and also they track the browsing history of user for AdSense purpose.

 the steps to clear cookies in Google Chrome are: tools menu>history>clear browsing data>set time range>select data>clear data.


steps to clear cookies in Safari for iOS are: setting>safari menu>clear history and website data>clear history and data.

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 Not to download unauthorized applications from unknown sources

Always download the applications from the trusted and authorized sources. applications downloaded from unknown sources may contain viruses or malware which are reliable to wreck your smartphone and can also access to sensitive information stored in your phone such as your personal data, banking, finance etc.

play store, apple store, Microsoft store etc. providers millions of applications to download which as checked by these apps store. these provides the information to the user before downloading them by showing the downloads, rating, reviews, developers contact etc.

in smartphones such as MI, Realme, Lenovo etc. have to option of enabling and disabling of installation of apps from unknown sources. Visit to setting> security> disable installation of apps from unknown sources. 

 Handle with care

You must keep your phone in fitness and use it safely. avoid using your phone irrelevantly. keep your phone well protected with screen protector and a superbly fitted case.

keep your phone to safe places and avoid keeping it in left pocket of your shirt. keep away your smartphone from naughty children which can cause it damage or break display.

never use smartphone while driving two wheeler which could slip from hand and break it. try to buy a gripped case offering a maximum protection. not to keep your smartphone lying anywhere and keep it way from kids and pets.

 Use antivirus

Antivirus are the software which detect and prevent your device from malicious software such as virus, malware or trojans. 

if you are VIP carrying sensitive information if could also be associated with your business, finance etc. then you must use antivirus in your device. malicious software steal your data, personal information, debit or Mastercard login details or the other sensitive information.

they also might cause damage to your device, slowing down of your phones speed, lagging, display problem etc. here comes the antivirus. if you are using approved antivirus it scans all of your data as per your scheduled time and if it finds any malicious software or any junks it deletes it.

it also helps while you are browsing internet giving alerts and warning if you have got moved to other dangerous website.

Top 5 antivirus software for iOS and Android devices:

1)      McAfee

2)      Norton

3)       Panda

4)       Bitedefender

5)       TOTAL AV

Frequently Asked Questions:-

1) Can my phone last for 5 years?

=> iOS and Android software system supports for more than 5 years and also it depends on the usage of the user.

2) What's average life span of flagship phones?

=> mostly companies say it can last for 2-3 years.

3) Do fast chargers damages your phones battery?

=> No, it wont damages to your phones battery.

Those are some of the foremost simple and very important ways that one should confine to keep his/her smartphone healthy and live longer.


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